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LifeEdge Solutions is committed to giving youth the edge in life leading to their success and happiness. We do this through community partnership. We do this because when young people thrive, society thrives. We provide youth with an achievable vision for their success and happiness via:

  • Accurate Messages
  • Applicable Skill-Building
  • Authentic Messengers

Thrive Program – for youth in grades 6-12

Working in partnership with The Center for Relationship Education, our well-trained, relatable, and effective youth educators offer REAL Essentials. This medically accurate, evidence-based and engaging program inspires youth and young adults to make the healthiest lifestyle choices – including relationship and sexual health choices – that lead to success in life. Healthy individuals build healthy relationships and healthy relationships lead to thriving lives, something we all want for young people.

Program Objectives

  • ALL youth, regardless of past sexual experience or orientation, need and deserve the information and skills that can help them make choices that can eliminate unnecessary risks and help them thrive in life.
  • Encourage a whole person approach and Success-Sequencing (see below), aligned with the public health model of primary prevention.
    • A whole-person approach recognizes that decisions affect the whole person, including physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and financial aspects.
    • The public health standard of primary prevention supports risk avoidance for optimal health (“don’t start, or if already engaging in risk behavior, stop”.)
  • Counter unhealthy cultural messages that normalize risk behaviors, like teen sex. We recognize that the decisions youth make about sex can have significant impact on their physical and emotional health, their relationships, and their future lives.
  • Teach practical skill building towards healthy relationships – including delaying or ceasing sexual activity until marriage (Sexual Risk Avoidance).
  • Increase youth intrinsic motivation.
  • Support the 60% of teenage students who have not yet had sex.[1]

Program Benefits

  • Lower risk of adult poverty to 2% when successfully follow Success-Sequencing (finish school, get a full-time job, and then have children after 21 and married)[2]
  • Increase aptitude for academic achievement
  • Increase chances for a happier marriage, healthier future family, a life of personal responsibility, and productive citizenship
  • Decrease emotional difficulties and behavioral health concerns
  • Avoid STIs and unplanned pregnancy

Young people are hungry for what’s REAL and what works. Our programs engage students where they are – offering accurate messages about life choices, applicable skill-building and real stories – delivered by authentic messengers who have been in their shoes – to give them an achievable vision for healthy relationships and success in life.

Thrive Educator Team Model

  • Thrive Educators are young adults – men and women – who witness to the messages personally and from learned experience as a powerful asset to the curriculum.
  • Our team of well-trained, relatable and effective youth educators present material from REAL Essentials.
  • We understand that credible and relatable messengers are just as important as the message. Our Thrive Educators effectively help young people connect the dots between healthy decision-making now and their future life outcomes.

Program Format Options

  • Our After School Program covers the entirety of REAL Essentials.
  • Our 5-day classroom workshop aligns with research from Dr. Scott Stanley demonstrating that lasting behavior change occurs through a minimum of 6-8 hours of education.
  • Our 2-day classroom or assembly presentation covers core content from REAL Essentials.
  • Sexual Risk Avoidance Information and Training Workshop for Parents & Teachers
  • Flexible and more limited options also available.

Conceptual Topics Covered Include

  • Communication skills
  • How to recognize a healthy relationship
  • Self-discovery
  • Goal setting
  • Decision making skills
  • How to set dating boundaries
  • Media literacy
  • Conflict resolution
  • How to start over
  • Understanding sexuality
  • Peer resistance strategies
  • Finding peer support

How to Book

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We look forward to partnering with you to give your students the edge in life!

[1] National YRBS Survey 2015

[2] Haskins, R., Sawhill, I. (2009). Creating an Opportunity Society. Washington, DC: Brookings Institute.