About Us

LifeEdge Solutions is committed to giving youth the edge in life leading to their success and happiness. We do this through community partnership. We do this because when young people thrive, society thrives. We provide youth with an achievable vision for their success and happiness via:

  • Accurate Messages
  • Applicable Skill-Building
  • Authentic Messengers


In partnership with teachers and campus leaders, we assist youth and young adults in creating a personal vision built on positive and healthy lifestyle choices that lead to success in life.


To inspire youth and young adults to make the most advantageous lifestyle choices – especially when it comes to relationships and sexual health – by offering the most engaging and effective messages and messengers in Minnesota.

Thrive Program – for youth in grades 6-12

Working in partnership with The Center for Relationship Education, our well-trained, relatable, and effective youth educators offer REAL Essentials. This medically accurate, evidence-based and engaging program inspires youth and young adults to make the healthiest lifestyle choices – including relationship and sexual health choices – that lead to success in life. Healthy individuals build healthy relationships and healthy relationships lead to thriving lives, something we all want for young people.

Something More Program – for college and university students

Based on the successful EMERGE Young Adults program, and in conjunction with applicable elements of REAL Essentials, the LifeEdge Something More program offers college and university students a range of ways to learn from other young adults, including recent college grads, about what works and what lasts when it comes to authentic and healthy relationships.

This campus-based program supports and offers practical encouragement and skill-building to students who are looking for something more in their relationships. It inspires college students to practice what their peers know from experience leads to relationships that are more respectful, more lasting, more fulfilling.