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LifeEdge Solutions is committed to giving youth the edge in life that will lead to their success and happiness. We do this through community partnership. Because we know when young people thrive, society thrives.

Healthy relationships lead to thriving lives

Relationships are at the core of our human experience. Healthy belonging and connectedness in relationships are crucial to health and wellness, extending to employment, stability and success in life. Healthy and satisfying relationships take effort and awareness to prepare for and to develop. We inspire young people to make the best relationship choices that will lead towards their greatest happiness and success in life.

Our Programs

LifeEdge Solutions’ programs engage students where they are – offering accurate messages about life choices, applicable skills-building and real stories – delivered by authentic messengers who have been in their shoes – to give them an achievable vision for healthy relationships and success in life.

For grades 6-12


For grades 6-12


For College Students

Something More

For College Students


Testimonials represent the national impact of Center for Relationship Education (CRE)

Dr. Kevin Riley

Gretna School Superintendent

Your message has empowered and reshaped us and we are grateful.

Howard Markman, PH.D

Professor of Psychology at the University of Denver

I am writing this letter to inform you of a noteworthy national project and curricula entitled REAL Essentials. This program is not just an abstinence program…

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